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Thread: How does one get to Abaco

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    How does one get to Abaco

    Family of 9 coming to Abaco for Holidays cannot seems to find reasonable ferry service from Fort Lauderdale or Miami to Abaco. We just want away from the hustle and bussle and don't want a one night lay over in Nassau. Are there reputable affordable charters or ferries that go from there to Marsh cove or Turtle Cay

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    Smile Welcome!!

    Welcome to the AMB family! Flying is the preffered mode of transport to Abaco. There is the flagship carrier, Bahamasair, American Airlines, and Continental/Gulfstream are the larger aircraft. There are several charter services, that also have sceduled flights. Check the yellow sidebar to the left, and do a search of threads. There is a cruise line that goes to Freeport Grand Bahama, but you'd need to fly out of there also, unless you take a bus to the east end of the island, then a long boat ride to Little Abaco and another bus ride to whichever part of Abaco you need to be. You'll lose a day there as well, so unless it's a matter of severe fear of flying, it's the best way to go. Search for flights into Freeport or Nassau from your originating airport also, as there are small regional carriers that may have several flights a day into Abaco. Delta and others sometimes have really good deals on direct flights to these two, and the R/T from there is usually much less than from stateside. Good luck with your plans. Ask questions. Everyone on this board has asked questions the very first time, so you're amongst friends.
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    The airports are Marsh Harbor (MHH) and Treasure Cay (TCB). Fly into TCB for visiting Treasure Cay and Green Turtle Cay. All other locales, best to fly into MHH. You can take a cab from MHH up to the Treasure Cay area or Green Turtle ferry dock -- for 9 people that would probably be over $100. If you use orbitz or expedia, you will only find flights on Continental, American, and Bahamasair. There are smaller commuter airlines flying out along the east coast of Florida that may offer better deals. With 9 people, a charter may work for you.

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    For 9 people by all means charter.

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    I highly recommend Air Flight Charters out of Ft. Lauderdale. Very reliable and professional.

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    Locair is starting flights in November from Ft. Lauderdale & St. Petersburg, they look interesting, friends just booked and said it was a fairly easy process and their kids got a 25% discount & offer a 70 pound weight limit.

    Also American Eagle is adding more flights out of Miami to Treasure & Marsh.
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    Island Air Charters is great and so is Sapphire Aviation!!

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    Talking practice

    How does one get to Abaco? PRACTICE!... sorry, it's an old joke but in this case it's true. The more you go the better you get at finding the right ways to get there. For 9 people, a charter would be cost effective and convenient. American always has the same flights from miami to marsh harbor but there are more choices if you fly out of west palm or fort lauderdale. The best thing about all the choices though is that you get to keep trying. There is nothing better on earth than practicing going to Abaco. I'm going next week on American out of Miami.

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    Charter vs. legacy air carrier to Abaco

    In order to answer properly, some base facts need to be established:
    - Origin of the travel
    - # of adults/minors/infants (leading to weights)
    - est. luggage weight
    - est. total weight
    Fine-tuning this process:
    - date of travel (outbound/inbound)
    Cost factors:
    - booking with one carrier (possible consequence: overnight costs somewhere in Florida for optimum flight rates)
    - booking with 2 carriers (initial leg to FL/Freeport or Nassau) with a major or low-cost carrier, final leg to MHH/TCB with a charter company)
    - weight aspects of aircraft used by charter company
    - perception/emotion factor (possible aversion to flying "smaller" airplanes)
    A charter company should/will ask for weights of persons involved plus estimated luggage weight, so an appropriate offer can be made.
    Have these data ready (even when they are estimated weights only).
    Background info:
    Weight capability of some "smaller" charter aircraft: (data are rough estimates)
    - AeroCommander 500 ~ 1200-1400 lbs.
    - Cessna 402C ~ 1600 lbs
    - Islander 26 ~ 1600 lbs
    - Cessna 208B (single turbine engine) ~ 2500 - 3000 lbs
    - Chieftain ~ 1600 lbs
    - Metro III (twin turbo-prop)~ > 3000 lbs, can carry quite some luggage in the "combi" version
    Compare legacy/low-cost airline offer with "charter" solution. Do not forget to include costs such as (eventual) overnighting etc. when getting a supposed "very attractive" offer from the carrier with the lowest rates.

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    Smile Some new Info

    I recently got some info on a NEW service from LoCair beginning the 19th of this month (Oct)
    Try locair on Google or 877- Fly 4160
    Let us know here on the Message Board what you decide, and WELCOME!
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    I'll second the endorsement of Air Flight to charter out of FLL. Have used them multiple times over the years to Abaco and Exuma, always with great service and soft landings.

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