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Thread: Glass Bottom Buckets

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    Glass Bottom Buckets

    Does anyone know where you can buy these? TIA


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    they sell plastic ones now at fishing stores..the old wood ones are rustic but did not last long. Lott Brothers in North Palm Beach has them.

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    Standard Hardware in Marsh Harbour used to have them, I think.

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    Glass bottom buckets

    Try National Marine opposite Standard Hardware

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    The marina at Hope Town may have them, they were out when I asked about them last summer but at least they knew what I was asking about. We looked in several places in Marsh Harbour and at ever island we visited with no luck so don't count on them being available. At one time, I remember seeing one made out of inflatable plastic with a clear bottom, something that will fit in a carry on if you can find one.

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    I think I've seen them in the West Marine Catelog.

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    Thanks to all - you've given me some good ideas.

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    Here is the quick, poor mans fix, when you cannot find one and really need it.
    Plexi-glass bucket, 4 nuts, and bolts(Stainless) and a tube of silicone.... set bucket on Plex, draw circle around with marker, cut just inside mark, cut out bottom of bucket making sure to leave 1 in on edges to hold plex, set Plex in place, Inside or out, trim to fit, silicone, silicone then a little more. before silicone drys, but after it has had some time to set, drill holes and add bolts to hold in place. now you have a glass bottom bucket. I have found for best resultsas a viewer put the glass on the outside bottom of the bucket then when you push into the water the pressure will not force it out, for bucket primarily put inside, but with the bolts will usually hold it either way.
    Best of luck fnding one if not two hours and you can have one

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    Underwater Viewer Bucket

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