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Thread: Ricardo's Rum

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    Question Ricardo's Rum

    I recently came from the Bahama's and am curious as to how I can get some Ricardo's Coconut Rum, I did see a posting that Mentioned Don Lorenzo Rum, although I cannot find it either. If anyone has tips as to how I can get this great Rum to the U.S. please advise.

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    Steve B
    Apparently, Ricardo's is sold as Don Lorenzo rum in the U.S.

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    iS THIS SOMETHING YOU KNOW OR ARE YOU ASSUMING? I type the website and am direct to other links.... any other clues?

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    It says on this website that Don Lorenzo is not being distributed in the U.S. at this time.

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    Member FATCAT is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2004
    You ma y want to try Cruzan rum. They are in my opinion superior to most. The coconut rum is exceptional!

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    its Don Ricardo in the US

    Its Don Ricardo in the US which can be purchased at the ABC stores in Florida. Here is my recipee;

    4 oz. Mt. Gay ÒEclipseÓ Rum*
    6 oz Don Ricardo Coconut Rum
    2 oz Apricot brandy
    12 oz Mauna Lai (Motts) or other Guava juice
    16 oz Pineapple Juice
    Shake & serve over ice. Makes 4 - 10 oz. drinks.

    More info featuring food drink & Bartenders in the Abacos

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    When I sought to buy some Don Lorenzo during a recent visit to Grand Bahama (where it's bottled) I was told that the plant had suffered hurricane damage and had not yet reopened. Too bad! DL was , and still is, my favorite rum!

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