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Thread: Update Wild Abaco Images

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    Lightbulb Update Wild Abaco Images

    Dear Friends,

    I've been meaning to update my Wild Abaco images for a while now. This is the same gallery I posted before, but with some new images. Hope you enjoy:

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    Member AbacoNewbie is on a distinguished road AbacoNewbie's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Wisconsin <BRRRR>
    I love these Erik. Thank you.....
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    These are awesome pics!

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    Member salt dog is on a distinguished road salt dog's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Seattle area
    Thanks for sharing your photographs; beautiful work.

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    Member Friend of BIll W is on a distinguished road
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    May 2008
    sanibel, fl/great guana cay
    Anyone know what kind of bird is in the second picture. Have tried to look up with no luck, thanks

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    Looks like a red-legged thrush......a little darker gray than in most photos.

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    Beautiful photos, especially the birds!

    Would you mind if I sent these photos to my brother? He's a retired ornithologist for the Smithsonian Institution and he'd be interested in seeing what birds migrate down to Abaco. I'll ask him to identify them, then I'll post what species they are, especially the warblers. Thanks and I'll await your response. Robert at

    Quote Originally Posted by Erik View Post
    Dear Friends,

    I've been meaning to update my Wild Abaco images for a while now. This is the same gallery I posted before, but with some new images. Hope you enjoy:

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    Member chestnc is on a distinguished road
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    Beautiful photos. Thanks for posting. Needed an Abaco fix since I won't be going to visit friends until the spring. Airfare is too high now.

    Live life to the fullest..
    Make each day Count.. Especially when in Abaco

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    Robert - sorry for the late reply. You can most certainly send these images to your brother - either pass the link on or you can copy them off the link.

    All of the warblers that I've photographed, I do have positive IDs on. This is not because I am an expert, but because I had the right help in getting them IDed. Warblers in the Abacos are very difficult, and I cannot ID most of them on my own. Especially in the fall when their colors are more similar. Your brother is welcome to contact me and ask any questions or add comments.


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    Also, Friend of Bill W - Zancada is correct, that is a Red-legged Thrush. This is actually a common bird in the Abacos, and a very beautiful one too, and you can see them close to habited areas - grassy areas, light woods, etc. I had this memory of seeing these birds at the Treasure Cay Hotel parking lot from when I was very young. I remember thinking, those are very strange robins. 30 years later, when I started photographing birds in the Abacos, I kept thinking back to that memory of the weird robins in Treasure Cay, and wondered if it was a real memory. But they are actually there, and not that hard to find...a good way to find them is to walk down a quiet road with light tree cover on a windless, sunny morning. They'll be perched on trees and/or looking for food on the ground.

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    Oh my these are great. Inspired. Planning our return after a 12 year absence.
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    Beautiful pictures, a
    good eye and a camera!

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