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Thread: sky bahamas

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    Member George is on a distinguished road
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    Austin, TX and GTC

    bottom of the food chain

    We have been travelling to Abco for forty years; many of those in our own light5 twin flown by me.

    Having the experience of many years as a pilot, IMHO, the services to choose from are all piloted by newbies; the Part 135 operators (the Cessna 401 ops) have the least experienced pilots, who are just starting their careers. The turboprop ops (Gulfstream et al) are up a notch (or 2-3 notches) and the equipment they fly are staffed by at least one competent captain. Their scheduling reliability however is a wild card; from atrocious to very timely.

    The judge3ment of the pilots' professionalism from non-pilot psgrs I question; after the crash of a C401 in the drink , with a fatality; we saw postings on this board praising the pilot, for an inexcusable accident. The TSA, however, is making the 135 operators more attractive.........


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    Member HALF-A-HAMIAN is on a distinguished road HALF-A-HAMIAN's Avatar
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    Thumbs up Bahamasair

    No one knows the Bahamian skies and landing fields, as do the skilled pilots of Bahamasair, and their safety record is second to none. If they delay or postpone for weather, equipment issues, or airport conditions, then NO ONE should be flying!
    Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.
    St. Francis of Assisi

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    Like SkyBahamas

    Wow--one person says they don"t like the look of the plane and suddenly people are worried about the safety of the entire airline.
    I've flown Sky several times. Heads and shoulders above Bahamasair in my limited experience. They actually seemed to like the fact that you were a customer.
    Flew in brand new Saab several times from Nassau. Beech 1900 (I think) other times.
    Just as nice condition as Gulfstream and pilots seemed a little older than Gulfstream. (Although I agree the Bahamasair pilots are more experienced).
    Never had a problem with an email response. Excellent on the phone. As I recall you have to book online rather than by phone. Their website actually works so you can do that vs Bahamasair.
    Price is good. Service at the counter in Nassau was unusually friendly and fast.
    Flying them Dec, Jan, Feb and March.
    Will try to remember to post if any problems.

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    hi, like to thank everyone who replied , the question of on time flights making connections and the carrier , had to book with jet blue to fll and yat to marsh harbor , thanks !!!

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    Member Tamsentm is on a distinguished road
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    Plum loco . . . all this scheduling hassle will be forgotten when we're sitting on one of those gorgeous beaches sipping a kalik! Have a great vacation.

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    Hi Brenda (Serenity),

    Sorry for the delay in a response, but we just spent two fabulous weeks on Guana. I'm glad you loved staying at Beach Dream and we look forward to your return.

    I never had a concern about the aircraft, so i didn't inspect it closely. Sky Bahamas provided professional service throughout. This trip we flew the Bonanza, so of course the flight was even more satisfying and comfortable. We always depart on time and never lose luggage, LOL.

    Grant & Ellen
    Guana Beach Cottages
    ~ Beach Dream

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    As a local I have flown Bahamasair for over 30 years and am very satisfied but when Sky Bahamas came online gave them a try too and have flown with them reguarly since the beginning of their service and have not had a problem some people do not like the set up of the planes they use ..its long and thin like a tube....or so its been described to me
    and they prefer Bahamasair..I now go by the times of the kids are in school in Toronto and they can and have for several years make an 11am flight from Toronto arr Nassau around 2pm and make a 4pm flight to MH and home around 5pm, I also like their early morning flight which leaves around 8am

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